Activities & Facilities

  Each age group's daily schedule is a rich mix of free play inside and out, and child-initiated and teacher-guided activites. The programs below figure prominently in the day. Specific activities and schedules for each group are detailed in the individual program packets.

* Drama
* Music
* Language Arts
* Science and Social Studies
* Cooking
* Personal Safety Curricula (Ages 3-5)
* Large Motor Activities
* Arts and Crafts
* Fine Motor Activities
* Outside Play
* Holidays

In addition, we have two specialty programs that are offered at an additional fee for your convenience:      Computers       Swimming
  Clean facilities, plenty of supervised outside play, and meals that provide recommended nutrition, help to keep the kids growing in good health. Our resources and procedures for ensuring your child's well being have produced an excmplary safety record. They include: Specific standards for when children must be kept home by illness. All staff members attend First Aid and CPR training from Prevention M.D. program annually. Anyone dropping off or picking up your child must have picture identification and be listed on your child's enrollment form. In addition, state law requires that a full signature must be used and the exact time of arrival and departure recorded.  
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